Month: May 2010

Screwed up lights

Love was an exception it seemed. He hadn’t thought about it but then again who did. He craved for a potency that he could call his own. A world narrated by his own logics. But that was senseless. He knew that there was once something that…

Odd Normal

Sweet smells of tyranny cannot comfort the tyrannical-submissive – that is power that obstructs cannot truly build. It’s rocks shatter – it’s weeds wither and it’s flowers burned to blossoming suicides. The world does not expect the ordinary rather the novel is birthed in…

The Office Whore

Sex was everywhere and it was written on her face. Everyone knew about it. She wasn’t happy. She had asked him to care but he hadn’t. She wanted to eat something. Food was a remedy for regrets. The follower of ill-fortune. Why did God…

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