Five reasons why astronomy is cool (via Sunny spells and scattered showers)

Astronomy, By Allah Almighty – Is One Of My Favourite things.

MASHALLAH Allah Almighty has created a grand universe and as Islamic events are associated with the Lunar Calender I think the wide expanse of planets, stars and satellites were meant to be explored ^_^

Whether you are religious or secular you must admit that night’s theater holds a grand stage ^_^

Five reasons why astronomy is cool It's beautiful If you go out on a dark moonless night, you will immediately know what I mean. The Milky Way, stretching its jagged course across the heavens, is quite a sight to behold. The constellations, particularly the winter constellations, have an elegance and familiarity to them. The Moon is also an appealing object, with its ever changing phases and frequent conjunctions with other planets in the sky. Through a small telescope, planetary … Read More

via Sunny spells and scattered showers

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