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Freddy Mercury, I think his real name was Fakuruddin (actually Farrokh Bulsara as Wikipedia states), is not only a sensational music artist but one of his songs have a lingering effect on the tongue, mind, body and soul and is a bone in the strong skeletal track of both urban and archaic culture – “Another one bites the dust” – the terminology itself stands out as an assertive individual does a move that obliterates the foe and make him kiss the dirt and know you’re boss.
Well – that clicked into a mind all of a sudden today morning and I was replaying it vaguely in my head and —– then I find out ——- my chat friend also writes it to use aforementioned line in the aforementioned way —- I was like WOW that is quite awesome MASHALLAH really —– how could I easily tap into it and so did she? We have never seen or met each other.

Now from the distant chatosphere to the world of University. We are having a sort of a quiz – actually a marked in-class assignment. I am writing so is everyone but our teacher being nice said we can discuss and be quite straightforward about it. Well I wrote “debated” and my friend who was not sitting next to me but a seat away looked at me and she contemplated on using “debate” as well. Wow, I was like that sure is a coincidence. I was thinking Allah Almighty this sure is an interesting day ^_^

Well, I had a bit of a hassle later on —— I was in a rush and I got to the elevator. There were a few individuals with me —— well, one of the girls getting out on a floor before my stop commented on the same form I was going to take to fill. MASHALLAH This never has happened to me Ever in my life before!

The Three Things

  • Same Song
  • Same Word
  • Same Form

Well, I have to say my Forger Allah Almighty really knows how to make a day special —- seriously (and before I had not much to blog about) —– Well I Thank Allah Almighty (ALLAHHUAKBAR, SUBHAHANALLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH, MASHALLAH) that I had experienced a day such as this.

It is truly unique and I do feel Blessed ^_^

Well negatively “troubles come in tree” and in turn the postive allows “telepathy to have a trinity”



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