I’m back. (via Ray Ozzie)

This post brought forward my own nostalgia…

I can recall that I was a pre-teen when I got my first computer and until then let’s say my world involved SEGA, NINTENDO and other computer games.

I grew up listening to CDs and wishing I had a CD-man and I used to listen to mixed cassette tapes made from blank cassettes as we brought out our favourite artists so we could chill in the car.

Allah Almighty really took me far and thus I THANK MY FORGER.

I have seen the dawn and manifestation of the digital era

I am its inhabitant – its original

Now we have MP3s and Blogs and iPods and Cameras with built in projectors

Listening to CDs in the CD player

Turning on WINAMP

Now typing on an online based interactive journal

Its been a great and exciting evolution that Allah Almighty has given to the digital medium…

And I have Blessed to See It All!

As my old Windows Live Spaces blog was in the process of being migrated to WordPress, it occurred to me that this is opportunity to share something with you that I happened to stumble across some weeks ago when straightening out a bit of the mess that’s my home office. Inside a sealed packet I found a wonderful artifact from decades ago – a folder of collaterals from the Windows 1.0 launch event.  It was possibly handed to me at that time by Pam … Read More

via Ray Ozzie

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