Know-it-all-itis (via Shoestrings & Daydreams)

We all know the feeling. I love knowledge too ^_^ But yes, the syndrome can be painful as well as pleasurable.

On The Side Note: I don’t know about goat cheese but goat milk is REALLY TASTY AND A GOOD THING FOR ASTHMA I HEARD (I Had Asthma so I was recommended to drink it) MASHALLAH Cool Healthy/Health Preserving foods!

I have a compulsive need to always be right. It's almost a crippling illness. Case in point. About a year ago, a friend – whose name shall not be disclosed – told me over lunch that feta and goat cheese are the same thing. This statement was made after I asked a waiter if I could substitute feta for goat cheese on my salad. That somebody was wrong, and I knew it. How? Because I love feta. I hate goat cheese. Therefore they are not the same. But a … Read More

via Shoestrings & Daydreams

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