Something Dear


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Cognizant membranes
half-full wires of nerve cells
ecstatic openings to dreams
portable limbs blemishing
into dust
into powder

you capture me
kisses are vessel
photograph me with your lips
as my soul chases
after the flash
that you crave

generosity begins with a “you”
selfishness adds an “own” with a “I”

you think cupid is blind when those arrows hit?
Or was it Psyche really blinded him
for breaking off his own wings

damned vessel
damned cannibalism
damned me
damned she
damned he
damned the world

in the platform of the shpinx a wrong answer relays death
in the platform of love a wrong answer relays death
is it rhetorical
to want to wash your heart in heat
and tap your spine as a drum
let your eyes wander off

like flesh be still

many labyrinths come and go

in the feasible thing that we all want…

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