Festival For Your Mind

Light from the setting sun is reflected in rai...

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Your lust for anarchy
bred me into flexibility
your love for discipline
made me a radical who never stands
for the hourglass;
tears even if they pour
means time as well
and weakness
is unfriendly
if measured

you softly betray the womb
your uterus is an imperfection
for it sores logic
and it stores discriminations
you are quite a distressful boy
a doubting woman of obscenities

freshen up
your flesh
hunt down your spine
pick up your daily mass
and orbit around the universe

you prescribe bleeding as living
what good can you do with running vapid air?
tears are but caught in you
dig deeper
and you’re through

fine little lines to contract
what tracks do dreams follow
tell me I might take a train
to the nearest destination

to some moon
in another solar system…