Burst Like Anger

Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Image by rayparnova ('n france) via Flickr

You are dirty
you play nice
to get corrupted
as you dice

you are playing
cat and mouse
and you say
it’s to arouse
my skin
to your carnality twisted
perform all you horde around
in secret

I win
I kill
you in mid-advance

our last dance was one of envy
you envied and hated
I cared and debated
you think you know better

sex is so fruitlessly inescapably tormenting
when one feet class
with an iron heel
the whole power sways rotten

you can’t use sex on me

I’m no naive seed
you won’t plant me


The Fine Enterprise

Amber Hourglass

Truth is the Darer
of the finer cycles in life

Wisdom is anarchy
from institutionalized debauchery
governed as sole
calling itself
measured in a fool’s dream
of divinity

Productivity is not success
love is not infinite
if briefly espoused deliverance
life is a ripple short of

bring me out

to the fine enterprise

let’s come connected

to the dream shifting in the hourglass

of our souls