What my Blog is about — ????? — A detailed sketch on eccentricity ^_^

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I guess I never had a mind of anything when I began blogging  — except that I was going to blog about writing stuff that I mostly write because it was the only thing I could blog about — my life is many a times mundane and a routineless- routine into the pages of somewhere — so if I did blog about something it had to be about my writing as that is one of the most sacred things Allah Almighty has given me.

I have a myriad of blogs across the net because I wanted to see what each site offered and I must say I was both disappointed and sad at various options ^_^

Well , life is still kind of mundane with those bursts of energy and ecstasy and nowadays I find my route home very scenic during the night which is , MASHALLAH,  very surreal and hypnotic; especially now as it is winter with its chilly breezy atmosphere — the wind upon the roads and dreamy glow of street-lamps transform the world though in reality it is still a paradox of good and evil.

When I think about it — and seeing how the WordPress Front Page hosts best picks on blogs that are specifically talking on/of something — I realize my blog has never truly been that specific in that sense — it is the thoughts of random me — unrestrained, poignant to me and elucidates my logic — which may or may not interest you.

Sure, I made another anime blog but that is because I do love anime a lot and thought a specific site for that would be good as I got inspired by other masters of blogging anime for that one — however, I do not think I am close to them  — they are very intelligent and witty and watch far more amounts of anime than I do and seem to have a good exposure and medium to get to those animes. I hardly go to the stores nowadays and our anime section is VERY LIMITED compared to many and I do not get to watch many new anime shows at the moment — even if I do some of them are so stereotypical and sexist and boring that I find myself not interested to watch at all. I know many of the masters feel the same and they can have the grand patience of going through such trash and easily comment why such is trash to them as well.  Well, some sequels of animes such as Revolutionary Girl Utena or Ghost In The Shell don’t seem to come out and I recently haven’t seen any new ones that I like really. Even Slam Dunk I think has become a classic and doesn’t have new sequels or anything on the horizon that I feel I can get excited about (sigh) — but I do not recently know what’s hot in the anime market as even Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhoodl is over and I think I am anticipating its new movie release. Aside then that I guess anime has taken a backseat in my life (sadly) as there are too many other things to do.

Well I guess my blog is me and not really pro or anti anything directly and nor is it well specific.

It is an eccentric mass flux that is me

And my words become I guess a detailed sketch to the eccentric me

I really don’t know much

But I think

And digital paper invites that so I put down on paper…

Speak yer mind

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