Gilding Death

Marble Boat at the Summer Palace in Beijing.

Image via Wikipedia


You suffer in monochromity
I am an abstract hunter
emboldened by the black blood of
with its white bone marrow
and sins to please
and pleasures that communicate with virtue

you are idle-downed like a wine-boat
intoxicated earth mixed with some  crazy water
nymph of flesh
satyr of the sensuous
mixed with the gills
To breath under-lust

Gilding death as if
possibly so immersed
in the art of making treachery in the waking cemetary
of your body
breathe in your own

Gilding death
is poisonous
if the wrong stitch
is added
to woven blood-ripened knots
call a human frame

in a glass of microscopes
and water-mirrors
I am chained to life
you to the world
of downed dreams!

Understand that is a Pandora virtue
Understand its possible
you on a portent beach
and a shore washed by mimicry of sands
there are feet that are broken
too long the gallop
too short the breath

Gilding death
seems easy

longer than one supposes so

shorter than one supposes so

we are birds
prisoners of our wings

that fly on mortal skies
never on a cloudless hemisphere

for waxen cells melt
when it is time to see
the star
of the sailing earth

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