Soliloquy For A Solitary Star

Iridescence in soap bubbles

Image via Wikipedia


I am an archer
spinning pass continents
of black spun bodies
and iridescent fabrics
oil canvassed
from paints
that are born
from the colour-pot milk

I am sanctuary
I grow
I believe
faith in this wide frontier
explored and untamed
meteorites metamorphising
and satellites that dance
with planetary homes

I am light
I am darkness
I am sliced hemispheres
with my other half the whole universe
I can teem across ether
and atmosphere think me as fire-rain-water droplet
on their heavenly discourse

I give open-mouthed kissed to your dreams
and let your imaginary loves be ignited
you can feel my body
soft and hard
racing across
galloping over all limits

I am an explosion from the womb of creation
God has weaved me
to embroider
the atoms
of this wide scale
carriage called life

I murmur
I scream
I burst

My heart is never lonely
as I am the nomad who never settles
but revisits all families
the systems cannot erase me…

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