These Shells We Belong In

Sea Shell on the Sea Shore
Image by p!o via Flickr


Your hard lined mouth
pressed across a hot blooded slot
of my viscous blood
meshed into tiny pieces
of being lusted by freedom and power
you rightfully ripe
born underneath sun-crossed-moon sky
these fossils in our eyes
that some snail left behind
eggs that hatched
with butterfly passion

hold your arms in the shape
that circulates well with your message
build up
build strong your calcium
nor else no crab would make you their home
your shell must not be divided
your shell must not gladly be ignorantly impregnable
let it be as porcupined spined
and forest full as it can

your ancestry makes you vulnerable
your ancestry makes you poignant
your ancestry is your soul strength cove
don;’t put it in murky water
don’t steal a kiss not yours
don’t steal eyes not your joined joint
you are permissible to breathe
you are not permissible to hurt

it is sky starved opium…

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