Of Those Merits

Artist's conception of the Milky Way galaxy.
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You are but thinking of Eden
and Earth is a faraway dream
yet your callouses of love
inhibit your imagination
your imagining
so sweet
yet not child mature
not accountable
fairytale is
a reminiscent mythology
that power can taste the lips
and make it bleed onto the rose

Dance one, step, two
makes castles with silver clouds
and let colour drenched sky
with moon and sun instruments
let world occupy me
yet Earth is still uninvited
Earth rotates dully still
you made it drowsy
by never carving out your
aspiriatory figures
into its ozone
projectile wombs
make good listeners

Earth shouldn’t be far
its dimension should be weaved
Earth shouldn’t be far
Its dimension should not deplete
upon your tear stained eye
like an immortal ether of colour
mesh the merits high

love to glow in the lantern of the universe…