Your Luck From the Bullet Cage

Passing storm

Image by ippei + janine via Flickr


Count One, Count Two
Open fire at Ten
Large blanket burden of destiny
Fire rounds
Loads of Symmetry
Catching the fate between the strings
Of a Spider-web charged desire
Locked into the ether
Locked into the soil
You whisper your intentions
actively passively on the fore
hope is the action
that spills itself in metaphors

There a gun of choice
variegated in size
plunging across the molecules
of destiny’s versatile compounds
attempting karma chemical flux

Who knows what will be?
Who knows seconds
even a breath exhaled
is a world teasing us behind garden walls

I can fire shots eternal
what target they hit
is not upon my gauge
not even with a sniper’s eye

can the cage where my soul beats be written…

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