Soliloquy For A Solitary Star

Iridescence in soap bubbles
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I am an archer
spinning pass continents
of black spun bodies
and iridescent fabrics
oil canvassed
from paints
that are born
from the colour-pot milk

I am sanctuary
I grow
I believe
faith in this wide frontier
explored and untamed
meteorites metamorphising
and satellites that dance
with planetary homes

I am light
I am darkness
I am sliced hemispheres
with my other half the whole universe
I can teem across ether
and atmosphere think me as fire-rain-water droplet
on their heavenly discourse

I give open-mouthed kissed to your dreams
and let your imaginary loves be ignited
you can feel my body
soft and hard
racing across
galloping over all limits

I am an explosion from the womb of creation
God has weaved me
to embroider
the atoms
of this wide scale
carriage called life

I murmur
I scream
I burst

My heart is never lonely
as I am the nomad who never settles
but revisits all families
the systems cannot erase me…


240/365 National Novel Writing Month begins
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National Novel Writing Month — or better known as NaNoWriMo — should be renamed GloNoWriMo for — it has gone global to many scales!

Everyone seems to be involved via the internet and some even find it stupid — either way it has become a phenomenon of globalization to many extents.

The medium/profession of writing has become mixed things because of it

  • A commercial product
  • A way of learning different ideas
  • A way of minimizing/maximizing the effects/nuances/qualities of writing
  • A way to meet/open/expand horizons/friends and most of all WRITING

The term or catchphrase Are you NaNoing? has become quite the used sentence this November 2010 in many different chat rooms.

Just like “blog” and “blogging”, “NaNo” and “NaNoing” have become nouns and verbs – neologisms to our world.

It seems the digital Pandora of the global lifestyle has opened up this venture which has now become, from a Western innovation, to a thing that spans continents.

NaNoWriMo can be a very admirable stage for many reasons. From what I have read they want you to write a novella in a period of a month and the best gets published. In a world where writing is considered by many a dying art (a lot of recent blogs I read were concerned by this) and the nature of perceiving and feeling takes a back-seat to logic and reasoning (or the traditional standards of those) NaNoWriMo seems to bring out the world of words — resurrect the phoenix ink and make one go back to the ancient arts (seems arcane/anachronistic to many but still a passionate one for me!)

NaNoWriMo allows people to revisit the literature of the written word. That is its best ambition — and it wishes one to re-connect with the roots of creativity within a month. Explore ideas, ideologies, logic and reasoning (which is not what literature subtracts), philosophies and emotions. It can help someone recognize their voice and put it out, imprint and show it to the world.

However, NaNoWriMo may not be admirable to many. The art of writing does not usually register length — masterpieces may be written in less than 200 words and be completely incoherent to the norm of language standards. NaNoWriMo  wants a novella thus delivers a standard word limit. This may not AT ALL appeal to many writers even those who are considered amateurs and unpublished.  To them writing may be  complete anarchy to system and rules and regulations but NaNoWriMo gives out the word limit rule — to them it may not stimulate creativity rather butcher it with this focus to words. Thus “what’s written” may become seconded to “how much is written” which is the dread of many writers.

Also NaNoWriMo is a competition and so — according to the judges the “best” will win. Can we measure the best amongst the entries? This may really be the uncertainty to many writers. Aside from words what style is being used and what topic/elements may come into play — not to mention if a novella was a good choice for your story’s plot to begin with — this may inhibit many writers for signing up or just inhibit their voice and creativity in general.

The final qualm  of NaNoWriMo may be that it is a commercial tool to many. It says you have to write in a period of a month and that is all. Some writers may think it is forcing creativity for monetay benefits and to those who feel they don’t tilt to the mainstream or to those set notions of writing NaNoWriMo may be an excuse to be writing in the first place. Furthermore, it may, to them, just produce more trashy works than novel ones.

For me — I am neutral on it — I have only heard of NaNoWriMo recently and I guess the sites’ publicity and machinations concerning it piqued my interests.

Many people are benefiting from NaNoWriMo — as writers they may be generating more discipline and ideas than EVER BEFORE. Some may even be getting better at their craft and making new friends along the way as sites which cater to writing and focus on it are catalysing the experience with chat rooms,forums, etcetera.

So, like science fiction, the NaNoMACHINES are either us being productive or becoming madder by the minute — we might have transformed ourselves to NaNoMACHINES for the better or like second-hand smoking be infected by the word-making-critters.

Well  let’s see how the month turns out.

For Those Who are NaNoing Let Allah Almighty Be With You Guys And Good Luck To Future Promise!


Your Words Are Tyranny

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold you...
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Your mouth is exactly an express
a dictionary to untold dimensions
you speak easy
you seduce
lyrically with the bounties of your vocabulary
you triumph

femme fatale-casanova sprung
bathed in oestrogen-testosterone fuel
clinging to that ecstatic rolls
of a pathway untrodden
forests of vast foliage-tongue
and stars that can imprint freckles upon your skin as
they plant so as freckles upon the dark-pale night
astronomy is your sex
and aliphatic is your vessel-bound projectile-womb to Eden

Your words are Tyranny
to those who trust the canon
you are de-canonized
and thus you survive
as you synthesize
with the world

You become the Gaiea-Atlas
Of the new soul
of the universe

Gilding Death

Marble Boat at the Summer Palace in Beijing.
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You suffer in monochromity
I am an abstract hunter
emboldened by the black blood of
with its white bone marrow
and sins to please
and pleasures that communicate with virtue

you are idle-downed like a wine-boat
intoxicated earth mixed with some  crazy water
nymph of flesh
satyr of the sensuous
mixed with the gills
To breath under-lust

Gilding death as if
possibly so immersed
in the art of making treachery in the waking cemetary
of your body
breathe in your own

Gilding death
is poisonous
if the wrong stitch
is added
to woven blood-ripened knots
call a human frame

in a glass of microscopes
and water-mirrors
I am chained to life
you to the world
of downed dreams!

Understand that is a Pandora virtue
Understand its possible
you on a portent beach
and a shore washed by mimicry of sands
there are feet that are broken
too long the gallop
too short the breath

Gilding death
seems easy

longer than one supposes so

shorter than one supposes so

we are birds
prisoners of our wings

that fly on mortal skies
never on a cloudless hemisphere

for waxen cells melt
when it is time to see
the star
of the sailing earth

What my Blog is about — ????? — A detailed sketch on eccentricity ^_^

Old books
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I guess I never had a mind of anything when I began blogging  — except that I was going to blog about writing stuff that I mostly write because it was the only thing I could blog about — my life is many a times mundane and a routineless- routine into the pages of somewhere — so if I did blog about something it had to be about my writing as that is one of the most sacred things Allah Almighty has given me.

I have a myriad of blogs across the net because I wanted to see what each site offered and I must say I was both disappointed and sad at various options ^_^

Well , life is still kind of mundane with those bursts of energy and ecstasy and nowadays I find my route home very scenic during the night which is , MASHALLAH,  very surreal and hypnotic; especially now as it is winter with its chilly breezy atmosphere — the wind upon the roads and dreamy glow of street-lamps transform the world though in reality it is still a paradox of good and evil.

When I think about it — and seeing how the WordPress Front Page hosts best picks on blogs that are specifically talking on/of something — I realize my blog has never truly been that specific in that sense — it is the thoughts of random me — unrestrained, poignant to me and elucidates my logic — which may or may not interest you.

Sure, I made another anime blog but that is because I do love anime a lot and thought a specific site for that would be good as I got inspired by other masters of blogging anime for that one — however, I do not think I am close to them  — they are very intelligent and witty and watch far more amounts of anime than I do and seem to have a good exposure and medium to get to those animes. I hardly go to the stores nowadays and our anime section is VERY LIMITED compared to many and I do not get to watch many new anime shows at the moment — even if I do some of them are so stereotypical and sexist and boring that I find myself not interested to watch at all. I know many of the masters feel the same and they can have the grand patience of going through such trash and easily comment why such is trash to them as well.  Well, some sequels of animes such as Revolutionary Girl Utena or Ghost In The Shell don’t seem to come out and I recently haven’t seen any new ones that I like really. Even Slam Dunk I think has become a classic and doesn’t have new sequels or anything on the horizon that I feel I can get excited about (sigh) — but I do not recently know what’s hot in the anime market as even Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhoodl is over and I think I am anticipating its new movie release. Aside then that I guess anime has taken a backseat in my life (sadly) as there are too many other things to do.

Well I guess my blog is me and not really pro or anti anything directly and nor is it well specific.

It is an eccentric mass flux that is me

And my words become I guess a detailed sketch to the eccentric me

I really don’t know much

But I think

And digital paper invites that so I put down on paper…

There was a world out there

Wake Island is a volcanic island that has beco...
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Life lies on a crossline
of bullets and sun-star ways
and there was a world out there
to betray
to save

I cleansed my life
into a saucepan
of saturatedly
plying on comfortably
because sado-masochistic people
like to burn their own hands

your world was under a shelf
like childhood novelties
all dressed nice
your life piqued me
because I hesitated my own

your life is here and so is mine

there was a world out there
in woodlands and forest spining fires

a world out there to mate with my eccentricities

it has left orbit

I’m building a satellite

to see it doesn’t crashland




Your Life Multiplied

Double Helix nebula
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Your life is multiplied
hence weight divides
your gravity
on the coastal lines
of your vertebrae

Your life is indivisible
thus pardoxicide
upon the metaphors
that concur with osmosis
touched in the brittle sacks
of those red vehicles
carrying O2 to live up to the day

Your life is an arc
and the circle is your brain
graphed by your soul
x and y never leading
in directions always mapped

your life
your life
your life

a cyclic-linear imaginary number
bouncing on a real number scale
and hence I can say

your life is multiplied

you seem wiser now

your oath taken since birth

you will remain a flawed-innocent being…