These Red Scattered Scenes

Plant in front of a mirror

Image by japi14 via Flickr


You’re impolite
you know
you bruise readily with your lips
a tongue bondage of ice and roped-tired decency
you hurt as you pine
thinking it’s easy
as it is easily mine

The art of a seducer is temporary
the art of a lover weighs more as the lover secures
your tongue is tasty
you kiss yourself


A red curtain
may easily bleed
when washed with water
deadly dilution
easily triggers
and leaking is only natural
if the wings are clipped
your  heart’s harp
is a string less to string

Deadly snakeness is a gene
those red monopoly of disgust
you tamper with the headdress
of depravity

One less role to play
a masquerader’s ball to dance
I unmask you
your eyes
they grow dimmer
in denial.

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