Impact publicitaire by Matthieu Riegler

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A spirit is hurt
mitosis-cycle of criminal despair

my envied armour
is peace
for I had launched on chaos
the blanket burnt me bare
taught me tomorrow is better
without any blessings

my scarred eyes are threads
like slashed windows
and shattered walls
these cupboards
are used
to store misery profuse
and eyes bleed glamorously
the world a theatre of ignorance

my wrists are tied
with a blade
my monster is a planet
where I had seen real
your drowning is a deluge
of insincerity
why was
this hurt
this bonded body
corseted by pain?

I’m not made of glass
but breaking me
is a synonymy
my tongue is twisted
I’m not implanted
into everyday harmony

loss of childhood
loss of adolescence
loss of progress
retrospection claws me
nostalgia is nausea

I cry
but my tears
only tie me more

maybe as an angel

maybe as an angel

life is insane

yet if I see my wings
naked in the air

I’ll bleed no more…


A friend had died. I dedicate this to her. Abuse should not be tolerated. Its victims must be rescued. Please Pray that they do.
I’ll Pray To Allah Almighty that they do

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