Your Title Is Inscribed

"The two main cloud types are Stratocumul...

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Interpreted by a tongue
most call bone
a sinewy intermingling with a throne
canvassing bodies
interloping with integrity
rushed are mouths
kissing words

armageddon to impiety
armageddon to insolence
forked is the vertebrae
that holds dichotomy to be only patience
wringed is the neck that eats only miscommunication
and ropelessly winged is
a dancer on the floors of clouds

I can’t censure you
I can’t censor you
you are just a dancer
a philosopher surmised
in your cocktail-sinewy mode
you are but a sky in a body

nothing erupts
all erupts
your explosion
is deadly
because it is natural
as air

it holds on to the words
creates language
as original as
the clouds

Speak yer mind

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