Fantasy Breeding

Global Warming & Climate Change


They say constellations can’t crack out of your head
they say eggs are primarily not a mammalian profession;
roads to love are not trailed by bed crumbs
and insects don’t sing like nightingales
not normally
it is an unkept breed

please don’t resist my womb

grow in me
like grains can grow in flowers
and  glass can grow on trees
and crops may be books
pages as seeds
and artefacts can be pieces of cosmos
lying asleep out in the open

and a barenaked eye
clothed in his iris
clothed in her glasses
can be vision-perfect
if only we see multifarious
in all angles of
a presumed singularity

breed into me
imagination breed into me
I am un-gendered
I am un-sexed
I am gendered
I am sexed

the world needs your oasis

reality stays afloat because of plausibility —

Speak yer mind

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