The Earth

Image by Travis S. via Flickr


Your numbers are pristinely coated by letters
graphing your alphabet is exquisite
your calculation of sentences
pioneering theorems for a book
a prospopoeia  of algebraic numeracy

your digital case is harvesting flesh
and matter and energy translates form
your poetry is a calculus
of positively fine expenses

and why did matrices
copulate with this dimension?
why did a single decimal value
become the golden ratio of the universe?

its all symmetry and un-symmatry
all words and numbers
all dimensions sans dimensions
all variables in infinity
for light is also RGB
and light is also luminance

factors can matter
leaping across equations
is also mountain rangers
and valleys can become
decoded values
your art is math
and math combines with art

To isolate one
is to isolate the other
how can the world survive
without the emulsion-mixture
of space?

life begins with a count
life begins with the soul’s first word



It’s been discovered that the Golden Ratio is 1.618 and this is the symmetry of almost everything in this universe to the composition of things outside our planet to human design. Mecca, the Holy City of Muslims, is by this calculation also the median of the Planet Earth as scientists state.

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