Cleaner than ♠ Mosaic Marble

cipollino marble

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Cancellation of a plan never means the end of the destination — we didn’t get tickets, we didn’t see the recital and well — we had to go home.

Massive expectation leads to massive disappointment?

Not really

Expectation is an everchanging fruit — challenging you to taste with hope the nutritional seed inside.

We arrived at the destination, as Sherlock Holmes said in the Ritchie movie, fashionably early. The weather pleasant. Heat subsided. An adrenalin of gold pacing down to the breathing rhythm as grey and blue pulsed into the lung of an urban hemisphere.  We had arrived at the wrong building — Oops — and then we were still early — we reached the right one.

In the car there was the humdrum — so, is the show here? Yeah we are in the right building but my younger cousin tactfully informs that there are several wings [actually she had said this in the car before we reached our wrong destination; I was confused for there was a bird monument with outstretched wings in front of us on the road] so — which wing?

She once more tactfully we go to the receptionist.

The building is ghost-like. Perks of coming early.

Ok — no receptionist.

Just Clean mosaic marble. Freckled marble. An an eye-diagram shaped lobby [Wow MASHALLAH I just realized it has similarities with the Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig anime logo] A friendly visitor tells us the dance is proceeding — but we are not here for the dance!

Aunt is asking. Cousin is asking. I regretfully lose my cool and snap at Aunt. But then our pal is not coming. We decided to return.

Quiet in the car. Blank faces. Soft voices


Buying chips. Aunt watches soaps but eats chips and I apologize. She seems relaxed and we are intimate once more.

My Cousin and I are elated by iPAD Angry Birds. The pal does arrive — she gets to be in the show but we had left thinking she could not come — no matter…

Sure, it is not what we expected

But we are having fun…


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