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Paper Man

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Paper Man is a very interesting film — different and complex at the same time it’ll appeal to a broad, un-biased audience who are not at all bothered by psychological issues and dramas.  Now Paper Man isn’t about a newspaper boy — it’s about a man named Richard (Jeff Daniels) who is a writer. Frustrated by his marriage-on-romantic-intimate-sexual-standstill with his wife (Lisa Kudrow) [whom he affectionately calls “the doctor”] and with a serious stage of writer’s blog Richard tries his best to bring things back into focus and be productive i.e. not be a middle -aged man who is suffering severely from the brinks of losing it. Not to mention his odd-ball neighbour who runs around in a superhero outfit (Ryan Reynolds) trying to run his life doesn’t make things easier especially he seems wise at times. Enter Abby (Emma Stone) a seventeen year old recluse who has problems of her own and brings them to Richard’s life in the form of an idiotic boyfriend named Bryce and a stalker called Christopher. The fact that he is attracted to Abby’s personality is thwarted more when he realizes their friendship is not generic and easily questionable in society. Abby is interesting but very conflicted about various issues and is a great comfort to Richard as he sees her tormented like him.  The movie shows the trials and tribulations of  all the protagonists as they attempt to find solace, serenity and securities of their own.

The review set in Wikipedia has to be one of the best summaries out there MASHALLAH because I seriously had no clue what a great treat I was plunging into. This movie is a bit like Lost In Translation albeit with a more faster pace and less subtle cues [though I love extreme subtle and I like Lost in Translation I did find some parts of it mundane; though the movie was a good one] The performances were awesome and realistic, and well delivered. Psychologically, this movie is a winner — I loved the eccentricities of Richard and Abby. Lisa Kudrow did well as the more mature person in the relationship though technically speaking I like Abby and Richard with their eccentricities because I am eccentric too [though they do win first place so I am not that eccentric as them] and because she is too normal at times. Initially Kudrow’s character is a pain sometimes but I really liked the angle she puts in.  The boyfriend, Bryce, is more of the real pain and he makes the stalker look tamer and healthier by nature [unfortunately, most stalkers do not fit that category i.e. most stalkers are dangerous and protective measures must be taken against them] and how Abby deals with these young men also accentuates the sort of young woman she is and we can appreciate her and love her with a tender passion. The neighbour is also so zealous that his oddities are excused as his superhero ambitions can be loveable and downright helpful at times though he can be insufferable to the same measures.

The flaws of the movie come exclusively to some stereotypical angles which blare out a bit in an otherwise unique toned film — the friendship between Richard and Abby could have done oppositely with an older, eccentric woman writer and a younger man — which I do not mostly see. Also it would be nice to give Kudrow a bit more time to her character. I think the movie got poor reviews due to some of its out-of-mainstream components but mainstream status quo contradictory positions.

 Nevertheless it is a very interesting movie to see and I’d recommend it to anyone loving out-of-the-box movies.


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