Hoping To Gaze in a Star-Shine Equilibrium

Aurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in th...

Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr

Running into motion
capturing your sound
your emotive translation
of your voice
of your being
and your blooming soul is happy
is gardening my inspiratory vault
your paradise | your immortality on earth
lights like oil on latern
lights like a moon on day
whispering night
To a delicately golden ear
and I flourish by
in your concave spectacle
that is your sentence
your ideology

we are running like deers
we are running like lions
and your solar and lunar baby that is your heart
Is beating on a momentum of the stars
its chrysalis of desire
its chrysalis of the cerebral
your tantrums of the tongue
Is igniting oxygen inside my brain
my tantrums of my tongue
is your oxygen instinctual brain
we complete halves
we complete wholes

morning in your eye
night in mine
and sun in my right arm
moon in yours

we are satellites
we are planets
we have honed adaptation

we are animals
we are intellectuals
we have honed equivalence

we have shared the lips of a star
we held the sails of our bodies
our pilgrimage is a lifeline
that has eloped to a new start

we can harvest eveything we touch
we live in a tactile realm
and all the concerts of dimensions we see

I am ready are you?
it’s time to breathe…

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