In A Bedside Of Indifference

Scheiner blind; a help for focussing an amateu...

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To be won by indifference
is a discontinuance  of humanity
perplex the soul
perplex the broth that is your
body on chemical fire
larynx is  echo
echo is oceanic
and bleeding a blue membrane
in a hissing heart
trembles the bone

it is distance | proximity wages war
like lifesigns in outerspace
invisble to a naked telescope
incongruous to a kaleidoscope
yet so permeable
in a osmosis of its own mechanical machinery

you were starved by indifference
you crept into bed
for a large biten lullaby
that held no rapture
of a organ gone wild
of a patient parody
in escalation
downing about
like a speared whale
a bolden tongue
knew well
yet you are dyed
by something

Existence is a key
needing a foundation
searching to be found
for what are the jewels
worn by a groom
believable without a bride

and thoughts can reshape
Break the stone that lies
in your skeletal chamber
you rid lies
can you rid malice?

you fought somewhat brave
yet avarice is your attention
you cloak remedy
for fear is your attribution

you cannot grow
you already wither

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