Reading Into The Horizon

Sing For Absolution 2

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Your aptitude for synchronization
is moulded by your passion of postage
you are beaming with a protozoan sun
miraculously glowing in osmotic pores
and having a lighthouse in your veins
signaling an ether and ozone of some faraway
symbiosis in intrinsic detail
pouring out sans cacophony sans co-conspiratory
you are a theorem
implied by gravity
and inter-steller dimensions
I am some shooting star
Orbiting around
a lethe-like world
weary and energetic
in the same artery
holding me

You are so tiny
and so large
in our own rights
we create equations
and solve hypotheses
in our own roundabout ways
paralyzing that thing we call
paralyzing that thing we know
bonding into significance
of some starry galaxy
that commutes
the hermaphrodactyl
synthesis in our brains
and the souls
we inherited

washing in black water of space
washing against the white matter of the stars
we see that melding
makes and explodes
all over our bodies
marking our births
into a new layer
marking us with

we were possessed once by a static indolence
now it pours honey in motion
it pours velvet in all absolutions
we are bridging our hem,ispheres
trading away from isolation
on a dawn-dusk plate
we recorded

we are ascending
in some quiet-noisy corner of the universe…

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