Craziness in Sanity

Water ripples

Image by laRuth via Flickr


your macabre is that which
is a subtle cell mass
producing no traces
non-tangible for ignorance
non-tangible for “other things to do”

when your bleeding carcass is on the move
when your arteries are in a flux

voltage up-down
and the membranes in your body-sack
is riveting out of course in-course
tragedy that follows the visceral
tragedy of the makeshift abode-insides
psychology in tumultuous ocean calm and steady
and you gasp that which you breathing
is water and air
on the given lungs
breaking away from a normalcy that which is observed and cannot be “un-observed”
are we but the eccentricities through a funnel of being normally-abnormal? Are we clay in liquid and soup?
a meniscus in a wave? Crawling with webbed hands and feet so invisible that it relinquishes the need of flesh?
I am the metaphorically robust-fully pretty-ugly ▬ my brain a steel on a horse-shoe and a blue on a atmosphere ▬ I can gallop and be winged ▬ birds have feathers and claws ▬ fishes have gills and tails!
I am thinking of papers and earth ▬ soil and chairs that revolve and the pens that can concert brain cells and heart-beat ▬ that which was musical was also anarchy as my lotus was winged by a liquid blossom called rain-thunder!
It’s oblivion in each cent and each cent can bring happiness too ▬ a contradiction when not weighed like a heart blocked by arterial fixation and a clouded-salivated tool that had enamel and was polished as plates
in the nest of falcons can sparrows sing? I think that is the analogy of the light and darkness in another breadth ▬ though conspicuous minds can cause inconspicion in a nest that is there to feel and touch and not there!
I guess it is better to cause disorganization-organization
for that is the  nomadic-constant
life is a continuance of incontinuity…

I had looked for stones
found feathers as well
carrying masses
is a wide open phenomenon  . ▬

One thought on “Craziness in Sanity

  1. Hey! This is great, as always. I think you might actually have inspired me to write a poem! Thank you!

    Peace and lots of Love,
    Nicole 😉

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