Pathology in ♠ Hiatus

Seal Rocks

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vestiges upon the scar upon my brain nutshell
are calming with the robustness of a rogue
it is but the calmness that proliferates and annoys
irksome, burdensome and some is not entirety
and the serene is a wounding monster

piqued were the irking and winding of prior-case morphology
inundation of sensations that felt tinges of drug resistance
the drug that is with the peel of flesh
cut layers and fruit is sown and seeded

normality is abhor-reality | a conclusive that is but recognized
it is understood  and not understood
how can but serene be the diving wedge between my caged bird?
oh! how sweet! a ribcage hosts a — caged — bird
so euphemistic in my longing
|so longing the longing of divorced rationale

a cup of intoxication to a glass of stabilization?
uniformity to uniformity | institutions vary in misogamy
like fish of salt and freshness
coiling in the asphyxiation yet taxonomic in divide

why?! why?!

a little calm here cannot hurt
a little calm is a monster
like a squid of lore
catches the ship
in a feast of woodyard and water




I feel the pinch of insanity
I poured it on rice
blood pressure food
blood on vice

protocol can say
I’m a nut on a high fever

yet fear is no medicine
what I have known is hard to betray

it is lethargically bound in fine print

lethargy prints the press

for madness cures the enervated

and madness can come and go on

not of one’s own will yet tolerated for fear of dying

with the neurosis of the un-doing

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