dubs of breath

hungering for shelter
a brain of white noise
as I hear signal statics
inside those halls
electrifying me
electrocuting me
and adrenalin on pause
if it were easy to wash and dry
I would give it a try
my soul could use good laundry. ▬

count in

on the tips of my tongue
in the sacs of my lungs
in the transmissions of grey celluloid logic crazy oval-round ball
seeing that I am going rusty
seeing that I am going fresh
loosening the atmosphere
and buttoning up the last shirt of sanity. ▬

Do you think money can buy happiness?

happiness is a state so if democracy allows us to buy states as pure capitalism then “yes” and I think dorothy would have bought kansas but seriously can it? I think as its a state with significance what makes you happy depends on people — I would be nuetral but most of me likes to stick with “no”