a bit of wall

Ocean mountain clouds alaska

— clusters ‘conveniently’: clusters ‘potently’: clusters ‘variously’
like a clutter on clay
perching wise like a dead owl
hooting zombie like
into the mouth
that supplies me



birth control

on a mind fetus-like on peril

 various variety of being pinned that shall be called graciously
as cursing is iirelevant, stupid and quite precarious

when the loving mind goes a sailing on
wide minefield thinking of it strawberry grove
stuck between pain and persistence

you are thinking why the…?
a gesture that brings forth opposite
a gesture cancelling the coordinates of full stability
no wonder chaos
no emotional vault

just a tinge of  lemon
on milk

enough to capsize

a healthy bodied ship

yet let’s see
if survivors run
with x factor on blood

the pumped juices of adrenalin high
heart and neural network on a passion surge
like ecstasy for oxygen

surfing on the oddities of everyday life.▬

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