Don’t you know —

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— it’s hard at times
the knowing of the annoyance
pretty asphyxiated
the lust lorn of a poetic mind in translation
a dedicated-monogamously mind in translation
you are buzzing like a bee
on the flower of curiosity
hoping to sap
deflower the uncharted
virginal-like oozing mesh
yet also skilled as talon on prey

you are bored
your heart is bored
myogenic muscle on hegemony
flapping like seagulls on beach
nothing better to do
than write a poem
about nothing better to do

hearts can cry when they stop crying
functioning well
brain fluids coagulate (at least subconsciously)
when hitting concrete walls of boredom

mixing up the territories of infringement and apathy
mixing up the territories of the want and the love
neither a hormonal balance much
or hormonal widespread depression
chronic reasoning
chronic alacrity
like cliff walking on high

and I am asking don’t you know?
how can you not know?
the idle and the active
the territorial and the free rides

I am mixing ash and water
H2o with some kind of lead
breaking point-gestation point

I am tired
I might need to sleep
I think I want to sleep
so I might go to sleep

and then the voyages might start
where real life left off
like a ghost writer taking turns
on a carousal of ink
and the authors are actually the same
no plagiarism policy if siblings are twins of a womb same

like pencils scribbling on walls of white
and inks of white dabbling on carbon paper
there are the visions of the child I see
brunette-blood porcelain like
but might be a child with my skin on a bronze plate
and I can see windows nice and noble
like a stallion riding past on a long gallop

the visionary sees of boredom
vision pleads a stimulation
off-white, white, black, bronze, silver cay
wrapped on roots of wiggly cells
parchments of proceedings

I might need to sleep
don’t you know?
how can you not know?
you see brain nipped with buzz
a hollow mouth of functioning

I am tired
maybe after sleeping
I’ll just saunter
but then again

I don’t know
I don’t know. ▬

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