flipping —


Image by Mr. Ducke via Flickr

the rawness is strictly coated as a melodic opportune moment combustible belonging and so is the unripe and the unjostled
heading to the extremes and the hybridities of the long-short world of experiences
I was hoping that upon the world that I floated on and the world that had a inspiration to float into the moments:breathing:ticking:brushing:typing:yawning:running:stiing:walking
were some things I can eat and eat and drink with thirst and much euphoria
then there is the process, the result

I’m sitting
my social life
my introverted shelf
all upon the same space
sighing as polar opposites repel
sighing as polar opposites fuse

food for mind game
food for thinking and gut digesting

looking out
hoping that gravity
can take a vacation .▬

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