grass is missing

Shadows in the late afternoon.

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can I cry you a lullaby?
I’m screaming out with a bruised voice
clamouring on tongue twister melody
can I cry you a lullaby?
to make it saner to fall asleep

I have dreams
I have hopes
yet I mope
yet I tear at my hair
and feel like dissembling myself
you know…it
and I feel like pounding on my heart
tell it stop blocking
stop blocking
set off on emo-cholesterol
set of adrenalin not cool

I wanna cry
I’m crying you a lullaby
to help myself
I am a curtain to myself
I lack photosynthesis
I can’t see sun
and I see crushes on the moon
yet I feel crushed
and its too soon
to be blue
I need the night
I need the day
I want to find out
learn to speak what to say

I crashed on myself
I crashed on too much
I don’t wanna lose it
but I’ve already lost it
I wanna be true
but I can’t stop repeating
recycling sorrow does nothing good

and if I could see the greener side
I would
I would

I know there has to be a greener side
but its missing right now

I think I made it go down
and its growing much
I gotta wait
wait till it plants itself

and I’m missing
I’m missing
I’m missing
I’m missing

I wanna feel
but I can’t

not at the moment

gotta move on
to a greener side

to a greener world. ▬

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