Do people read your blog?

I was thinking why we make blogs — well, basically we make them to have an online archive of writing or photo or other media that we can easily reference or turn to but basically we also make them for discussions a.k.a people read them and talk back to you.

I have come to the realization that many people do not read mine. Ok, this epiphany has been ongoing and hasn’t restricted itself until now. Do I like it? Not entirely. I do not, honestly, like the fact my blog has nothing to offer to blog readers and that I cannot discuss things with other people. It feels upsetting at times for even a comment or two would be nice. On the other hand, having no traffic on your blog isn’t the end of the world or you know shouldn’t discourage someone from writing. I find that posts will be read or not and in  this blogging city of the  net we can’t all be the stuff people want to read. And expecting that is one of the cardinal rules of blogging.

What do you I write about> I mostly write poems and songs in my blog. I usually do not write much about my day as my days are pretty generic and boring. I usually just eat and study or listen to music or read. I do watch movies and anime. And well I do not watch much TV unless good shows are on like Bones, Scrubs, Dexter or well Criminal Minds. I do watch Korean Drama but only some as well others seem too formulaic as explained in Wikipedia or you know not just interesting to watch — one of my complaints for Korean Drama is that it starts good but then it somewhat declines in quality as in storytelling nor else the music and the environment are actually nicely organized (better than most Indian soap operas popular in my part of the world).

So, do people read my blog? Maybe, they don’t at all.

Why do I keep it then? Because I like it.

2 thoughts on “Do people read your blog?

  1. As long as you enjoy writing, having a blog is worth it. Sometimes people will read, sometimes they won’t, but you will have the pleasure of writing and putting it out there in the open. Also, a blog can be an archive of your writing activities. That’s, in fact, the greatest use of a blog to me. I put up everything I write to my blog and I can access them from anywhere or in case when my hard drive crashes I don’t lose my writing.

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