Challenges of making a new site (amateur edition)

Designing a new site isn’t easy. For the people who have decided to just check it ( out have noticed constant changes to the main site. Once I had to also completely trash/delete the main site due to the trial and error process that goes into learning or just trying out CSS. I am happy though that I did try out the reigns of maintaining a site.

Well, though I am no veteran; I can say few basic things about making a site

  • If you are in love with WordPress (or, just prefer it) then I suggest buying a site in one of the WordPress partner sites such as as they allow easy installation (this is good if you have no CSS knowledge).

  • Have a mental map about what kind of sites you want. If you want more than one blogging site then install a blogging engine twice if need be if you want the blogging reverse chronology format.

  • If not structure your pages carefully. Add site map into your main site for easier navigation

  • Stay tuned to the various plugins.

  • Install the latest engine program of the site.

  • Do not forget to add an “About” page

  • Tell your viewers/;readers to be patient as you might scrap/revamp the site many times in a row.

  • Get in touch with other website owners ( has a good forum)

  • Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! Have fun while you are at it ^_^

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