attraction is not optional
or, so  my anatomy tells me
with its clicks, chimes, cool nectars, hot suns and moons
flowing by in the constellation of my eyelashes
and my mouth wants to open and close at the same time
like the pulsating heart; docile and fiery in some paradox-balance

there is a distance maintained; a fence in between 
you are in some garden bathed by a flourish of sorts
I’m in my overcoat, my spectacles, scanning
seeing your pretty, your marvelous skin and thinking how lucky God is that She can always see you

in your visual I do not appear
I am a non-existent frame

sometimes I want to say ‘hello’
but…but…that makes me very nervous ▬

One thought on “Crush

  1. ?! I am inspired, now I want to either go write or read some incredible romance (or go live one myself haha) You did a lovely job on this, is this from *experience*? 😉
    Haven’t talked to you in forever~ come into Skype sometime.

    Love, Nicole

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