betrayed intros in chat 101


then there’s poignantly, awful melodrama
pinched by the tastelessness, the paranoid, the cut-throat awareness
shark-pebbles between toes and a creature shallow for the biting
my tongue wept but could not bleed proper
the taste of the iron is in a marble balloon hard to crack
like those eggs you see made of stone; you love them one day and feel like breaking them

I can see a cultural fissure; an individual tendon draped in wiggly syntax and edgy synapses that soon the hairs on my skin stand on end as blood is in full march; this taste-un-taste blood that speeds and slows with a navigation off root like a dentist drill in an amateur’s scale

I don’t understand.

My heart pounds.

I don’t understand.

And repeating it does nothing

You stupid, stupid! Can’t you see?! There’s always a difference between you and me…

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