there are freudian slips and there are freudian nips and the unusual castration of someone’s virility. There was a need to write “scheme” instead of “seem” and it got me in the crosshairs with the boss who
was angered that I defied the motion to be a liar. There was an unconscious hip sway that made the other think of skinvitation and that made “turned on” loose. However, that was a typo. Oops, you need to go
now before you make the situation worse.  It happens that instead of telling the teacher the answer you told your friend; you cheated.  You pushed your teacher; you got temporary detention.

And there is that time your showlaces tripped you or that buddy of yours snitched on you in accident. And the time you were conned and the time you burnt toast. There are other times you forgot and the [sic] of it made you annoyed. Like the name of someone close to you. Or, the jobs that you were to do.  You forget an exam. You plagiarized.

That awkward time you were caught making gestures in codes. The time you actually swore when it was really inappropriate. And the time you were meant to buy some supplies but fell asleep and a jolt that brought you out running.

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