whatt more could I ask for? gaining – losing – economic – allergic – chic – masculine – line
like troubling little sparrows eating an eagle’s wing while he snored and ate a dream
oh a pack of crows singing a lullaby helped a romantic couple of doves dance
and the cuckoo at the adoption agency told he wanted a baby swan to call his own
but a goose told him that ugly ducklings had went with frog princes to tie Rapunzel’s hair

and a jaguar and a spider were happy to eat a nice salad of chestnut and herbs
jaguar said thank you for weaving a gossamer plate and the spider said thank you
I dont like eating alone; its no use being fat and useless but duck cackled I have a webbed feet can I join too so the tea had a little luncheon on the wild woods were safety often lay.

Snow White got sunburned and developed rashes making the prince go with the Maleficent; I like a constant love he said but Maleficent replied your heart is crooked like a ravine and decided to console the Beast who as a prince replied are you a beauty in disguise?

Snow White’s warts made her a toad but then she was kissed by a Native man strong and he said I do not think a human is defined by skin that only shimmers and shines so Snow White thanked Cocoum. Pocahontas and Naveen went to an art exhibition with Tiana and Thatch.

While Hercules told Kuzco do you want to play video games?. ▬

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