The Eyes Have It

Idiosyncrasies are truly very human 😀

J T Weaver

When I first met the woman who would become my wife, I noticed that when she became very tired, her left eye would turn in slightly.  We would most often call this ‘lazy eye’ even though there are much more technical names for the several different types of conditions this represents.  In her case, the proper name is Strabismus.  Of course, when you first meet someone it’s probably not a good idea to begin talking about the little things that might be wrong with that person, and only in extreme conditions did her condition ever manifest itself.karen-wed

Then, soon after we moved to Virginia, she noticed that our 2-year-old son had the same problem and decided to have it checked.  The normal checkup by the local optometrist led to a further check by an ophthalmologist.  While the ophthalmologist noted our son’s condition, he was much more concerned with my wife’s…

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