Cursory Surveys of WordPress making me feel like bumoic


I have seen the longform post sections of WordPress and to be honest I am kinda envious. I don’t have even a bit of that content to write. It seems I am experiencing ennui as one of the sole constants of my life that remains undefeated because routine is not loved or rigorous but like this horrid malfunction that is leeching on my life not leasing of leaching which allows the water to have ionic increments of use and those water bees sure had a great design by God to do all that. I wonder why I am on such a standstill in my life. Why does everything seem so uninteresting or deja vu? I am content that I am no longer feeling a mental crash on my head as though a form of atlas just got eaten by the planet whose placeholder was the back. I just to write. In fact writing is one of the only kinesthetic life I have. It has its wavelengths but it feels purposeful. Why do I feel like on one strip of land in some ocean sitting and blinking all around and doing nothing?

Speak yer mind

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