lust abated by…


deficited emotions why are you remote-emoted
why is the credit card mouth asking for favours?
kissing the corners of your pelvic beauty hips
muscle and tone acting as the cipher to my chalice
we had our threesomes with mundane strangers
who like wet shadows hung around like liquid smoke
we hate the smell of our urban hedonism but we don’t wipe
the slate of that dirt we hang to it like undone laundry
shattered plates and ruined incense that was deluded romantic
calling you on your office phone because I want to feel estranged
a stranger amidst the scenery not as game nor lure but of fatigue
fungus washed out of our favourite tea cups like and you notice
we are like barrel fish and we make our distances take a swig at skin
and meat to maintain the industry of banal cannibalism

seeing a spiritual allure in pebbles in a bedrock near a river
only I did not favour Narcissus with his reflective oddness
my image was hated like the curve stick figures I see of me in your eyes

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