mapping a urbanology

when people misunderstand they understand a form of misanthropy
they name it will of freedom blessed by God or some noble relic
a totem card of separation; we tire making love with the world
our empire is made of sex and sex tires
there is no arrival, nor is there any bliss
think of hormone atrophy, entropy, stimulotrophy and you get
ejaculations; sperm bank why sperm bank?
why not sperm pond — telling you why
because a bank can be fenced by a dam
a neurotic hydropump and the pond is naturally free
where eggs can carousel by and sperms too
by making sperm banks you usually subtract the egg
militant sperms are all bayoneted and told they have to
speed date. Surely sperms die but they must die accordingly
they must breed within themselves; eggs die with menstruation
less quietly but more quiet because less quiet
you can’t see them in that channel of red
like sperms they are buried in their own coffins and are happy

nowadays everything is a business
religion is turning into a business
democracy funds business
socialism funds the business of non-business
and pupils fund a business that is named eh-do-cash-in
like jackpot machines they are chortles
even abattoir herbivores pity them

and then there is also an economy of silence
which burns like a waxen wing on a sky
and the ocean of greed swallows up the artificial cum
treats it like cum and not wax
and packages it in stores
telling us our silences are our choices
an the foe is fertilization
of an enlightenment cry. ▬

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