Polite Catharsis —


I cried a lot today that even Noah’s deluge would say
“Pity we weren’t borne of the same womb
but we are cousins in way”
my catharsis is a half-complete organism
teary-orgasm half felt like a coitus vacillation
and my metaphors switch to the sexual for
to society erotic desperation precedes over emotional desperations;

look here, you have porn that ravager who sinks and sinks from bone to broth
but we celebrates its corpses and daggers its ludeness for it is skeleton
like some ancient tribe on a pyramid slaughtering humans for the sun
and eating and eating even when they know the sun does nothing
the sun is just an excuse like a tickle or someone flatulent
they just want to eat; and so they eat human flesh

— yet cannibalizing each other through industry of slyness
where voyeurs love staying voyeurs and say their processes
are systematically and they hate randomness and their arousal
had purpose and not a tiff of randomness; where visual rapists
stalk your erection as if it were going to explode in foam under magnified irids and pupids
the pupa of the cut millipede who just coiled in marvel of the snail-shell
who in turn seemed to have woven in inspiration of sea shells
who in turn mated with choral for the cloth
we cannibalize beauty in coquettish glasses of buried absinthe red or yellow
or green or blue or pink like neonated gulps of ritual molestation
where you get the points for hurting on some interplateau dimension
where a clipped angel cringes at a masturbatory devil suffering from, priamancia

I did not know how I could stop wailing, screaming, more monstrous than an infant
for his hunger is original like a fleece of silver or  gold but mine is languaged
and under lock and key of syntax and grammar and code of numericals
and I just think if I sob when I breath as if I had a congested lung

people will finally notice the pincushions of origins of a disease.▬

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