Diurnal dis/satisfaction


Cloud candy on my mouth
like a spring  spice on a piece of ether
love letters written on the ink of rain and braille of night
I feel indolence on my  perch; we have porches like inner gardens
verandas of foliage and cancer — I tire of life, but I am also hungry for it
like a nibbling child on food; see me in white, see me in black
see me in ash like smoke cascading into a snow fall ; night fall
day fall and vampires sniffing the aftertaste of dews while the elves are hibernating
paper on my mouth and grassed bodied me with mud in my blood |
I am foraging for an eclipse in the forest
I am a child of nature in an urban granite cemetery
I am a child of industrial living under the weeds tattering hearth
when the stars become dew drops lets drink to day and night

under canvas and moss. ▬

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