102° is just a phenomenon encased within a number

no one writes to this student, neither to beguile or harass… I am an epitome to the nobody cycle; waxed and waned like a cloudy moon or a “new” moon cloud born and cloud scatterful that is both a fiction and reality like the djinn people you claim to see unaware of their reality but certain of their fictive purpose…

I started counting my tears as bad philosophy but  counted me as porn emotionally…no one calls the student…not to prank, troll or caress…I am just an ID after or before you just a one night stand right for your emotional hiatus and sexual niche-pin and all I can do is be automatically offered like a fucking perfect sacrifice  ready  and living only to slaughtered

I thought and think therefore I am… no one even SMSes the student never tells hows you, or nudge much, poke much, even flame much…I am like yeast in the bread, the quietened down yeast still so potent yet just devoured without a care. And no one will know I had a fever yesterday and the day before

because no one bothers to ask about the student.▬

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