can’t assort these programs in folders; illusional diametric void
got to place myself in arrows and theme encoded noise
pretty as experimental; not sure sentimental
hardcore loving must be detrimental
read the ingredients; expiration; asphyxiation

caught up in wires and silk
my mouth is a hard drive injected software all the time
ejaculation mythos and the ethos of destruction
arrange me in parts
in the end you’ll think I am the perfect machine

hetereozygote and homoerotic don’t publish me
but I am just symmetry
fused pressure alternative tech caught in mainstream gigascreamer

wretched youth of flash driving and my soul connected to floppy enhancing
and you tell me I’m slow, I’m primitive neanderthal like that means you only
like it when I sex it up, like it when I act really lusty but when I am ordinary
you put me on stand by and live me plugged while you unplugged wild

mechanized categories don’t fulfill me as  a definition
but you say hey what use are tics and phobias
the melancholia of a by gone era when analog hand holding
made sense for a while like nibbling fingers and kissing the tips
you only want to see a tip on the fold wow I guess you are techno-advanced
and I am a machine living on a low frequency diet

caught in these wires, caught in these wires
never fragmented for a voice; only I am activated for a vice.▬

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