Month: January 2014

In the night

under the sheets knowing my friends won’t call me today or maybe not tomorrow (or, if they do it’s rare) I just lose my, lose my, lose my, lose my-self start doodling out my thoughts in abstract mass and I think that’s when you…

We teased each other

in good fun until I became a poison to your dream of longing you wanted forever, I said one day never and that pushed you into a film of stuck=up depressed I am sorry; I was being so selfish but I wished you had…

Your heart was once your friend

You are saddened by an amber frost it froths and spins a lot in a dash and putting forth a night petal you wanted to see colours come out of it It, that it, that was once your pal in arms your comrade to…

African-American Classics

Originally posted on Blogging for a Good Book:
Volume 22 of the Graphic Novel Classics series contains twenty-three stories and poems written by famous early black authors and poets, including Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and W.E.B. Du Bois, among others. Each tale is…

Report Card Days

I dreaded report card days. I was one of the worst grades imaginable. I was mediocre to lowscore and it hurt deeply because my mother would come along and many a times it felt I was disappointing her. When I was younger my grades…

the gripping

You are bound to me in little hyphens And the terrible odyssey of your clothes coming off I mean that fabric that encases you Warm mouthed kiss turned into a firefly gamble And the ether of recognition planted a serenade Caught I’m the dubious…

Freeing the Female Orgasm

Originally posted on Stories From the Belly:
Spoiler Alert: Details from Episode 6 of Showtime’s Masters of Sex are revealed in this blog post.  There are a lot of orgasms happening on the TV show Masters of Sex—mostly in the name of science. At a…

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