Janus begging indifference

tyranny is  a crime that can be executed with patience
we are patient with our lovers while we abuse them
and our friends are wearied by our wearisome duress
but we seek to make them miserable

a foe in a friend is worse than a friend in a foe
for when your principles are ridden on
you feel jaded and get through by a jade prism
of forest and earth instead of gem and marble

you see past friends ignore you for your crimes passed
forgiveness is a quality of mercy; if you can’t forgive a crime forgivable
like a yelling match from which you both cried
can someone do the same to you?

and our sins and crimes that don’t look so grand for a secular stand
and maybe some religions will condemn but we have abused her too much
and made secularity stand for sexuality where patriarch takes his stand
and makes fun of the abused; really, check out your tax receipt and see the deceit
of getting fucked over by a cock more “potent and manly” than yours
you a pussy, oh dear, an anal job — why is it we feminize abuse?

think of your quiet beliefs and politics
Think God, where am I even though you an atheist
nothing matters on your stance if the system creates false consciousness
we have given a variety of hurts to  choose and we choose accordingly
if I say I want an anti-matter they tell me to fuck off
because they say I am a fool but wasn’t the basis of choice to choose?

clinging to the best of innocence and the worst of it
clinging to the best of experience and the worst of it
and the clung pathos and ethos of in-betweens
how come we scramble in lewd extremes all the time?
there are times when you can say or see a yes and no
but other things may need more than a black and white
like positions on cooking rice or thinking if we should buy at all

tyranny is also the freedom of cruelty and sympathy is also limits of asceticism
I am not going to abuse you with emotional ramblings or excessive yellings
I understand you. I’ll help you. I’ll inspire if I can
Can you do the same?

Let us grow cocoons for each other
chrysalise with each philosophise session
and tug out the errors we don’t want nor need
look at the flowers that shed
we think they weak
but they more sophrosyne than us
what is the use of technologically advance or a luddite’s dream

if our peopled constructs are biased beforehand to a fault? With exclusivity as an egotist trade?
Include and subtract like a crown being forged and a river breathing.▬

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