Why putting ink circuits to grid paper?

For the longest time I can remember I have been introverted and talkative. This paradox is best carried out I think by a writer; or, at least I think it does so it is entirely my opinion. One can probably meet this paradox or nip it or grow it as a gardener or any other profession or hobby or passion but I find it in writing I can negotiate this a bit more better than I can with other things. Now writing is a broad form and we write in so many ways and to be honest I prefer trying to be creative with writing. I don’t find technical writing bad in fact I had loved reading many types of longforms on the site. I enjoy technical writing too but I don’t know exactly how I can write techinically. Maybe its the unripe, inexperienced part of me that I would like to change. But for now my blog usually talks about my personal “affects” and well deals with mostly fiction writing/ I guess I want to meet new people and well write more longform on various subjects.

Speak yer mind

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