Themes, cool themes


if the camera has an aperture of you scrutinising your wanted vision
a theme is a lens into what you were thinking; it carries on like pretty
china or dinner plates and even if your culture or persona likes no silverware
and prefers the synergy of wood or the delightful decorum of the hands;

telling you now I like the theme I have at the moment though it might change
why? ’cause I prefer variety but obviously my limited funds reassure me to the
“free zones ” of things but I don’t mind…not always anyway because my haste
my passion cannot only be measured in monetary clicks it’s that my soul nomads 
and houses a restless you’ll find in the ink of my nibbed digitals and abodes a
charisma constant to explore the myriads of the quotidian; I don’t think I regret this phase|face.▬

Speak yer mind

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